E-filing – 4 Things need to be Cross Checked while submitting e-filling


To file the income tax return only two weeks are left. It is the right time to collect all the documents and calculate your tax liability. If you are a salaried employed then you should collect the form16 from your employer. For this, you need to connect your human resource department (HRA).In the present time, most of the people come under the online filing of income tax return. Online filling of income tax return is called e-filing.

However, if your annual turn in any financial year is more than five lac, in such situation e-filing is compulsory for you. There are many advantages associated with e-filing.  Just like it takes very less time, fewer documentations are required, income tax department would process your refund on priority basis etc. Now We want you to do four things, which need to take care while filling the income tax return through online mode.

4 Things need to check while submitting e-filing as  below:

1. Read Form 16

While filing the online income tax return, the website would ask you to manually fill all the details. However, if you have manually filed all the detailed of form 16 then it is always advisable to you that cross check all the filled details. Make sure that no human error should be done while filling the details of form 16 manually. One thing you need to crore check is that for that financial year if you have changed the job. In such situation, you have to fill the details of each form 16.

Selection of Correct ITR Form:

Now in India for e-filing there is so many online platforms are there, which are help you to do e-filing. On those sites once you have filled the details they would automatically give you the correct income tax return form (ITR). Whereas in Government site you have to manually select the correct income tax form. So make sure that you have selected the right income tax form because wrong ITR form would lead the rejection also.

Cross Check the TDS deduction:

Money Dial would always recommend you the cross check the details coming in Form 26 AS with the TDS certificate. Especially the bank details like name, address, ISFC code and income from other surcharge. The reason behind this though is that Form 26 AS also keeps the records of interest income where the taxpayer has submitted the Form 15G or 15H like in bank fixed deposit. However, if you have submitted the above-said form and there is a tax liability. Do the necessary corrections.

Download links:

For Form 26 AS is https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/e-Filing/UserLogin/LoginHome.html

For Form 15G & 15H  is at http://www.incometaxindia.gov.in/Pages/downloads/most-used-forms.aspx

Form 16 link is at https://www.tdscpc.gov.in/app/login.xhtml

Income from other sources and Capital Gain :

There are many situations where the taxpayer is having income from other sources of income from a rented house or capital gain from share market. In such situation, we would always recommend you to declare the full details of income from other sources and capital gain. In past few year income tax department has issued notices to Various assesses. These persons who are having income from other sources or having a capital gain. They have not given the details in the file income tax return. To avoid such notices from I-T department always declare such income in the ITR.

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