Author Siva Rama Krishna Rao Yogendra Jupudi


Interests in enabling investors to make money work for them. Experience including management, technical, and over two years of research theses experience at IIT Madras, Chennai. Strong team building with knowledge sharing and grooming individuals to the next level by creating opportunities. Technical Architect for Juniper WLAN AP with 802.11ac, and management of Juniper WLAN AP team with several new AP SKUs and sustenance of existing WLAN AP releases. Prepare SW functional spec, project plans, review HW functional spec, Market requirement documents, Statement of work with tri party agreements. Lead product development with coordination across several teams including software, systems, manufacturing, sales, marketing and documentation. Bangalore center in charge at Arada Systems . Proactive lead in creating brand ‘LocoMate’ for Arada’s very first complete internal product developed including software and hardware, for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment (WAVE). Development of Road Side Unit (with IPv6 router functionality), After Market Safety Device for Vehicle to vehicle communication and safety applications. Prepare RFI, RFP for WLAN and DSRC based systems. Development of GPS NMEA data based algorithms, Bluetooth apps based on bluez, USB device driver, firmware development for mips/arm based modules. Architect in development of algorithm for boot and runtime clear channel selection, which is now part of the Netgear WNDR3800 product. Support for several customers with queries on Atheros Chipsets, Locomate spanning across America, Europe, Asia and Middle-east. Participant in DSRC technical standards SAE J2735, IEEE P1609. Architect of Pre-slicon and Post-silicon verification modules for mips/arm SoC, Wifi, North Bridge, and Southbridge chipsets