DHFL Bonds to offer as high as 9.25 Percent


Diwan Housing Finance is aiming to raise upto Rs: 10000/- Crores and will offer as much as 9.25% interest for retail Bonds, which are going to open for subscription from 29th August,2016. 3years bonds will earn 9.10%; Five Year Bonds 9.15% and 7Yrs Bonds will earn 9.25% interest.

Even a person in the highest tax bracket of 30% would net earn about 6.50% for seven years, which is better than bank fixed deposits. The bonds will be listed in stock exchanges for secondary market trading.


Opening & Closing Opening for sale on 29th Aug,2016.

Closing on Monday 12th Sept,2016.

Face-Value Rs: 1000/ each NCD
Minimum Application Size Rs: 10000/- (10 NCDs)
Credit Rating ‘AAA’ by CARE
Registrar Karvy Computershare Pvt Ltd
Listing on BSE & NSE
Issuance of NCD Either in physical mode or Dematerialized
Effective Yield% 3Years 5Years 7Years
Category I & II 9.05% 9.05% 9.05%
Category III & IV 9.10% 9.15% 9.25%

          Our View: – The Bonds look exciting because of falling F.D. rates.

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