Digital India Platform (DIP) will provide Freelancing Jobs


PM Modi another dream project to convert India into Digital World has finally come to true. Under this Digital India Platform (DIP) Government of India will provide freelancing Job Opportunities to all those Indian who are computer literates. In this scheme all the documents of Indian Government will be converted into Digital form with the help of people who can type on computer or other digitalization device like Mobile Phone, Tablets.

Digital India Platform (DIP) 1

According to Government official all the Government Documents are scanned and they are split into different lines. It is almost done and they are testing the Beta Version of Digital India Platform (DIP) .Any Indian who known Computer Typing and having the Aadhaar number can get registered in Digital India Platform (DIP).He/she has to visit the official website of Digital India Platform (DIP) and do registration. In Digital India Platform (DIP) the scanned document are divided into lines. Dividing the document into lines is done to secure the Government document. Different lines of same documents are given to different person who is registered in Digital India Platform (DIP) .The payment is made on character basis. Each scan document is given to two person. They will convert the scan document into digital form and do the entry in Digital India Platform (DIP) .When the two people make the entry in Digital India Platform (DIP) for the same document, the software will check whether the entry is matching or not .If it is matched than the entry will be approved and the payment will be done according to per character. The payment will be given to both the operator. If the entry at does not matched in that case no payment will be made to both the operators.

Digital India Platform (DIP)

In this the operator can do entry through any device like laptop, mobile phone, desktop, tablet etc. The best part in Digital India Platform (DIP) is that the operator can select any language for Entry data i.e. Multi-language input is allowed in Digital India Platform (DIP) .In this way the people of different vernacular language can also participate in Digital India Platform (DIP).Further in this field IT Ministry has already developed font of different language which can be download free of cost for the Freelancing who want to work in Digital India Platform (DIP).In this way Digital India Platform (DIP) will provide lot of employment among the freelancers.


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