Home loans – the do’s and don’ts while choosing it for your dream home


Home loans!!!

Yes, home loans…

A home without any home loans is just a dream nowadays.

How reach you are, don’t matter, you need a loan to finance your new house purchase. Thanks to the rising cost of land, construction and all.

Why choose home loans?

The biggest dreams, nurturing in your heart and mind are somehow always related to your home. If you already have an abode implies either you were really lucky or have worked really hard or both of them.

With the number of banks and financial institutes, offering easy home loans the path to having your dream abode becomes easier.

However, so that you do not get carried away with the offers and do not make any mistake in choosing the apt home loan, here is a list of do’s and don’ts which will guide you to it.

The do’s and don’ts before choosing home loans

Research about home loans

The home loans have become a big business today. While there are those, who have the best of the offers, there are the ones as well, which ensure to trap the customer. Hence, it is important that you scrutinize all the details of the home loan. If you have any sort of difficulty in understanding any clause, asking for a solution for the queries is recommended.

Know the home loans EMI

EMI stands for easy monthly installments. It is always better to calculate the EMI which you will be able to pay every month. Take complete consideration of the present income, your liabilities, your assets and also the fact that your job is temporary or permanent. You have to remember that if somehow you are not able to pay the EMI either of the months, it will result in hefty penalties on you.

Understand that home loans interest rates are negotiable

this may come as a surprise to you. But the fact is that this is absolutely true. If you have some honest aspect, there is a chance that the bank is able to accept the interest rate you are quoting. This is even more probable if it is the end of the month.

Check for your home loans eligibility

It is really important that you have a clear credit history and a high Credit score for you to be eligible for the loan. You would also have to be careful with regards to the loan tenure. If you have longer loan tenure, then there is a probability that you are paying more interest.

Be cautious about extra charges on home loans 

There are other charges applicable to the loan as well, which include the administrative charges, service charge, and the processing fee. These form the category of the amount that is sanctioned. So this is not involved in the amount which you take home. Hence, before the final of the deal is done, make sure to keep these additional charges in your mind.

Read all home loans documents carefully

It is observed a number of times, that the individual taking the loan does not read the entire document carefully. This can be really complicated for you later. Hence, make sure to read even the minutest details.

Clarify every doubt relating to your home loans 

If there is any doubt; do not refrain from asking about it, this will help you if there is some sort of important clause related to it, which might be problematic for you.

So, keep a tab on all the above points, and avail the home loan for your own abode!


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