Human financial advisers vs robo advisers – who is better?


Right before we get in, let’s get to the point. Consider a situation when you require urgent financial advice and need to come to the right decision. In such situation will you prefer answering 0-100 pre-recorded questions of a machine or robo advisers? Or will you prefer to talk to a person? The person who will listen to you and whose answer will be customized according to your requirements and needs.

Well, you will choose the latter option any day right?


But before you get into the if(s) and but(s) around this, let this blog take you through further details. Details about the needs and benefits of human financial advisers versus the robo advisers. Please note that the idea is to share a comparative of the two options for you. Also, the blog aims to help you decide which one you should go for.

This blog is divided into following parts:

  1. What are robo advisers and human financial advisers?
  2. Needs and benefits of human financial advisers vis-à-vis robo advisers
  3. Where to get the right financial advisers for yourself?

Let’s get into it and begin.

What are robo advisers and human financial advisers?

Robo Advisers as the name suggests is a software drawn out of computer algorithms. Basically, it is a robot inbuilt into a system. How do they advise you? So, each parameter is pre-entered along with the relevant answers into them. Can they answer all of your questions? Can’t say.

No single human is pre-equipped to incorporate all the possible financial problems into one single system, therefore more often than not when you have a unique or intricate financial problems, the robo advisers would usually keep you on hold or probably not have an answer until the software upgrade or in most cases generally it will provide you the access to a human adviser.

And, coming to Human Financial Advisers, you already know who they are. In present times you can contact them through a number of means, in person, over a call, through a website requesting a call from the best-suited adviser for your problem (like in case of Money Dial)

Needs and benefits of human financial advisers vis-à-vis robo advisers?

Below we are sharing a comparative between Human and Robo financial advisers on certain important grounds like who better understands your problems, which one would be better in terms of cost and who can provide you with a comprehensive solution to all of your problems. Let us look into and know what the outcome is:

1. Understanding of your problems

Without a doubt, a human financial adviser is great at understanding your financial difficulties and your pain points and accordingly advise you in the best possible way out. The robo advisers, on the other hand, can help only to the extent of pre-built instructions given to his system, the most that he can do is giving you a way out from all the alternatives embedded into his system which are limited.

Moreover, we need to complete a detailed questionnaire online before we can get a solution from the robo advisers which takes a considerable amount of time and there is no guarantee if the robotic system would be able to appropriately understand your financial problem.

2. Cost

For all the good reasons and especially the custom assistance involved for each of the financial difficulties that we ask, a human financial adviser costs more than robo advisers because the robo advisers would not customize his answer for each of our problems and they are a pre-built system.

But here is the solution, most of the human financial advisers today are available to assist you on an hourly basis which cuts down the cost by a considerable amount.

Further, our platform at provides you free access to over hundreds of financial advisers for a number of financial products with an expert for each of your questions and needs.

3. Comprehensive assistance

This parameter is key, a human financial adviser can help you resolve a lot of your difficulties at one consultation and help you with a comprehensive solution to all. Whereas the robo advisers will help you out with one problem at a time.

For most of us, it is much simpler and easier to comprehend the solution when given in a single picture rather than in bits and pieces.

Where to get the right financial advisers?

Every one of us have unique financial needs and queries, having said all of the things above, your next search would be for the best/right financial adviser to assist you in your problems, So, here is our attempt in telling you why the expert financial advisers at Moneydial are the ones you’re looking for:

1. Verified Advisers

Moneydial is India’s 1st and the most transparent way to find expert financial advisers. Each of our adviser is trusted, verified and nearby to you. We have a wide base of hundreds of advisers. These advisers have experience and are experts on different financial products. Each of our advisers is having adequate experience and expertise in the financial domain catering to various different financial products.

2. Unbiased advice

Our huge adviser base of hundreds of professionals has an expert in each domain, specializing in varied financial areas. Our advice is custom to each different financial problem that you have and our goal is to help you resolve the same in the best possible way. You can rest assure of unbiased accurate advise specific to your concerns only.

3. All the financial products

You name it and we have it, we have catered to the financial needs of thousands of our customers in their requirement of a particular financial product. We cover loans & finance, insurance, taxation, shares and commodities, financial planning, mutual funds as well as bonds, FDs & savings schemes. Give yourself a try, send in your financial queries and let one of our experts take the lead. This is free for you!

4. Confidential

All the financial information you share with our experts on this platform is kept strictly confidential. So you need to be absolutely comfortable about the unwanted use of your important information. We have adequate safeguards in place which help in protecting your information and keeping it confidential and secure.

5. Client drive system

Just tell us what you need, enter or search for advisers in your location and talk to us! That is exactly how we find the right expert adviser for you. This is our simple and client driven 3 step servicing system – Simple, quick and free, which very much resolves your “how to find a financial adviser” dilemma. We have already served more than 50,000 happy customers to date and counting!

To start right away and see all of this for yourself, just click best financial advisers near me!

If you still have any questions on your mind? Let our experts do the thing, just post your questions in the comment box below and our Expert Financial Advisers shall reach out to you with the right answers!


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