Income tax return filing – a step by step guide for you


Paying taxes is a civic duty. If you earn you should pay taxes. Filing an income tax return is an annual process. It is also a moral and social responsibility. As a responsible citizen of India, we must make voluntarily annual income tax payment.

Why income tax return filing?

The money which we pay as taxes goes to various uses. Besides paying salaries to legislators and government servants and judges, it helps support common resources. Common resources like police, firefighting, and other disaster administrations.

The money also goes to the infrastructure development of the nation like roads, railways and another facility of transports. Government hospitals and health care centers, measures for poverty alleviations etc. are also funded by tax sums of money.

So, as a socially responsible and law abiding citizens of India, we must pay taxes on time.

And believe me, income tax return filing is not a tedious work. It’s very simple and you even need not have to be a qualified chartered accountant for filing your return.

Infographics on income tax return filing

This info graphs will guide you with step by step guide to income tax return filing. Further, if you need any assistance in saving while filing your income tax returns you can log on to We will provide you tax planner and financial advisors for free.

Income tax return filing – a step by step guide for you


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