Insurance products that are not just to meet your financial goals but also your future generation


Buying insurance is one of the most important investment decisions we make. In the present scenario, it is not difficult to understand the insurance concepts such as premium calculation and getting an economic cover to take care of yourself & your family and support them. That is why when we go out to buy insurance products, there are so many options. Options that just don’t cover unforeseen, death but help grow our investment to meet other life goals.

Nowadays, Investment planning is one of the essential parts of one’s life. While planning your investment one should keep in mind his / her Future financial, medical and other essential needs. This all sums up to buying insurance products. You get unlimited benefits out of these products such as medical, financial and you save taxes too when receiving the amount on maturity.

The need for insurance products

Insurance products are basic security cover for any unforeseen happening like accident disability sudden demise planning starting from childbirth, junior and senior level education, marriage to retirement and also to cover human life value. Insurance Human life is so important but it is subject to risks of health issues, demise or disability due to natural and accidental causes.  It not only affects the person who has suffered permanent or temporary disability but also losing income for his family. The benefits of having insurance products are as follows.

  1. Have to make sure that your immediate family or future generation has some financial support in the event of your death
  2. Need to finance your child about his education and other requirements
  3. Have to start contributing to a savings plan for the future so that you have some fixed income after your retirement
  4. To make sure that you have extra income when your income has been fallen due to health issues whether serious or not.
  5. To provide you with any other financial contingencies and lifestyle requirements

Choosing Life Insurance Company

 We should check the company’s credibility claim ratio and strength before buying any insurance products.  Needless to say, Life Insurance Corporation of India comes on the top and compared to other insurance company LIC of India has a variety of options to choose for every Age group. So, we thought of providing some products for you. These products are beneficial for you and your future generations. These plans are custom-made and can suit every individual of any age.

But as a life insurance advisor, I advise investors to buy insurance products of Life Insurance Corporation of India. It is one of the leading life insurance companies in India. It has a variety of products for every age group. Moreover, the individuals also get some extra tax benefits after buying products from Life insurance Corporation of India.

Insurance products for you & your future generation

Just, for example, we have made some of the concepts that may attract you as well as your future generations.

  • Get  Rs 2, 00,000 every year to you & your spouse for the lifetime. Also, create Rs 30 lakhs for generation fund- Just save Rs 189/ per day for 11 years only
  • Invest Rs 1lakh for 15 years & get Rs 2.25lakh every year to you & your spouse for lifetime & 34 lakh for next generation.

Smart Lady Concept

  • Get guaranteed Rs 50,000 on 5th, 10th, the 15th year for purchasing gold.
  • Also Rs 40,000 every year for the lifetime of health maintenance
  • Also get Rs 3,00,000 every year on family tour.
  • And after your lifespan, Rs 6,00,000 for your next generation
  • All the above benefits in Just Rs 100 per day only
  • Total family health benefits of Rs 4 crores in just Rs 4  (self, spouse, and children). Health cover is up to 80 years old only. Refund of health cover premium. Health coverage for up to 80 years. But the saving period is only 20 years. Health checkup fees after 20 years, increasing after 80 years age.
  • Family fund of 10 to 12 lakhs for the lifetime.
  • Income tax rebate from section 80C to 80 D
  • Total family health benefits of Rs 4 crore + refund of health cover premium.
  • Invest Rs 7.50 lakh for 7 years & get Rs 10.5 lakh for the lifetime.
  • Get  Rs 1.5 lakh for lifetime + get Rs 7.5 lakh to your spouse+ Rs 5 lakh to your child + Rs 20 lakh to your family. Just save Rs 140 per day only

Consultant Requirement

There is a difference between a layman and a specialized consultant. Like SIP, there is TermCDR which a few specialized consultants can explain. Even chartered accountants are not aware of CDR. So, the presence of a life insurance advisor is very crucial for an individual’s financial portfolio. There are so many insurance products available but choosing the right one involves evaluation. Taking the help of an insurance advisor can solve this problem. An insurance advisor can be a direct link between the insurance seeker and Life Insurance Company. He is the one who can help you with a suitable policy as per your requirements. We are a certified insurance advisor and having detailed knowledge of the insurance industry and its products.

All the above concepts are created by ourselves and all these all may suit the insurance seekers. Finally understanding your future ‘Need Base’, the concept that may suit you can be Tailor Made depending on your future expenses or requirement.

So if you have any other query about insurance products, please feel free to contact us.


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