Now You can Withdraw Rs 4,500 Per day from ATM: RBI Relaxed norm


In order to provide relief to the common man. Reserve bank of India (RBI) on 30 December 2016 has increased the ATM withdrawal. In the new change you can withdraw Rs 4,500 per day from the ATM in a single day. In the present situation your daily withdrawal limit was reduced to Rs 2,500 per day. This new withdrawal limit would be applicable from 1 January, 2017.

RBI Raised daily ATM withdrawal limit:

  • Reserve bank of India (RBI) has raised the daily withdrawal limit of Rs 2,500 to Rs 4,500 per card.
  • This would be applicable from 1 January, 2017.
RBI has not changed any Weekly Withdrawal limit:

Moving in this direction Reserve bank of India (RBI) has done any change in weekly withdrawal limit from the bank. In the present time you can do weekly withdrawal of Rs 24,000/- from your bank account.

Demonetisation scheme:

These cash crunch situations arise due to the demonetization scheme launched by PM Modi on 8 November. In that scheme they have banned old Rs 500 and RS 1,000 note from 30 December

Read RBI notification on Daily withdrawal limit:

DCM (Plg) No. 2142/10.27.00/2016-17

December 30, 2016

The Chairman / Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer,
Public Sector Banks/ Private Sector Banks / Foreign Banks/
Regional Rural Banks / Urban Cooperative Banks/ State Cooperative Banks
District central Cooperative Banks

Dear Sir,

Cash withdrawal from ATMs – Enhancement of daily limits

Please refer to our circular DCM (Plg) No. 1424/10.27.00/2016-17 dated November 25, 2016 on “Withdrawal of cash from bank deposit account – Relaxation”.

2. On a review of the position, the daily limit of withdrawal from ATMs has been increased (within the overall weekly limits specified) with effect from January 01, 2017, from the existing ₹ 2500/- to ₹ 4500/- per day per card. There is no change in weekly withdrawal limits.Such disbursals should predominantly be in the denomination of ₹ 500.

3. The relaxation of withdrawal limits as enabled by our circular DCM (Plg) No. 1437/10.27.00/2016-17 dated November 28, 2016 remains unchanged.

4. Please acknowledge receipt.

Yours faithfully,

(P Vijaya Kumar)
Chief General Manager

Download the RBI notification at:


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