Planned investment-tips and recommendations


Since you were a teenager, you have been told innumerable times by your elders to save money. However, when you witness the present scenario, it seems that saving is not enough to live comfortably. It is a simple fact, that when you reach to the age of retirement, your liabilities will increase and there will be less of assets. Hence, it is at this time that just saved will not be able to take care of you and your family. In fact, in here you are required to understand that the saving, needs to be invested in a planned manner, so as to provide you with-

  1. Financial soundness
  2. A sudden situation resulting from unpredictability.

This has become a comparatively well known fact, that investing is important. However, what is lesser known is that planned investment is imperative for the sound financial portfolio.

How to reach out for planned investment?

Hence, here in listed some really simple but important tips to aid in the procedure:-

  1. Fabricate the objectives of your life– If you have a family, you must definitely be well aware of the goals related to them. So you may want to retire peacefully after clearing all your debts. You may be aware of the need of the education fund for children or for funding his or her sports coaching. If there is any such goal already in your mind, it is best to invest keeping in mind about it. With the help of this list you will be able to take care of your expenses in a better manner.
  2. Diligently planning– Diligently planning is one of the key steps of a well planned investment. If you want to gain good returns and sound finances, it is imperative to stick to the norm of the plan. Being topsy-turvy will only be hazardous for your sound future.
  3. Reviewing the plan– It is very important to review the plan, at least once every year. It happens a number of times that the objectives and goal may change over the course of the year. Hence, if you are reviewing the plan yearly, you will be able to make changes as and when required.
  4. Health plans– Health is something which is related to sudden financial problems. Hence, it will be beneficial for you to take some good health insurance plan, as in accordance with your lifestyle and other medical conditions associated. In fact, it will be better to take the aid of a comprehensive family floater plan.
  5. Contingency fund– You should always have a contingency fund set aside for the most unavoidable and exigent problems. This should not be touched for taking care of the luxuries or necessities of the family. Hence, care needs to be taken by you.
  6. Make you nominee aware– you may have made a number of investments. But, they will of no use if your nominee is not aware of it. It is your duty to let your nominee be well educated about each of the investments you have made to safeguard the future of your family.


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