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EPFO stands for Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation. In the latest update the members of the EPFO are not suppose wait for slip in order to get the PF account status. Now they can check PF balance through the epf portal also. Another advantage which is given to the PF holder is that they can get PF passbook through online process. By the help of online passbook you can get the PF derails at any instant of time. By this online passbook you can check the regular deposit amount in your account at any instant of time.

Learn the process to register e-Passbook for PF account

Process to register e-Passbook for PF account:

  1. In the very first step the account holder is supposed to visit the EPFO portal at you have visit at the portal you are supposed to click Register button.
  2. After clicking the register button the next page will open .On this page you are supposed to enter the details like mobile number, date of birth, documents like ( PAN card, Aadhaar card) name on the document, any number on the document.
  3. In the next step you are supposed to enter the special character in the empty box. Now you have to click the button by the name of GET PIN, in order to get the PIN.
  4. Now on your registered mobile number you will be getting the PIN. Enter the PIN on site and click the I agree
  5. Once this process is done your e-passbook for PF will be registered and you will get the confirmation on your registered mobile number.
  6. Once this online process is done you can download you details at any instant of time. No need to wait for the slip to get the details.
  7. One thing you are supposed to take care every time, which is every time when you log into account and log out .The new PIN will be generated on your registered mobile number. With this new PIN you can download the account details. Without this PIN you cannot download the details of your account.
  8. With this PIN you can download your e-passbook for your PF account.


Get the Information on Your Mobile:

If you want to get the information on your mobile you are supposed to file the online form. In this online form you are supposed to enter the registered mobile number and PF account number. Apart from these details you are supposed to enter the establishment code, extension code and account number is supposed to be entered by you. You can do submit button with the extension code. Extension code is optional. Once all the detail are entered and you have click the submit button. Your account details will be available at your registered mobile number.

What your PF code says:

If your PF code is UP/12345/123.In this code UP says that your account is maintained at Uttar Pradesh.12345 stands for extension code. Which is of seven digits and the last three digits (123) is your account number.

Condition in which you cannot download e-passbook:

  1. If you have given resignation in any institute before March, 2012 and your account is inactive in that case you cannot download the details.
  2. Any PF account which is operated by any trust. In that case you cannot download the details.




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