Rules to follow for investments for women-part 1


You are the women of your family. You have studied just like your brother did and have degrees not less equivalent to your husband. You can take care of the family more than anyone else. You take care of your children, your job and your life. You are a responsible individual. You have a say in the decision making of your household, in fact, there is the number of times when you take some decisions solely. So why is that in the topic related to investments for women, you are not involved practically. Have you invested in some investment tool? It does not make any difference that you are getting a handsome salary or is the homemaker, the question remains that, are you or are you not pursuing an investment portfolio?

The main objective behind the investment is a safe future and dealing with the unpredictability of life. Being the women you need it to. When you are self independent in every field why not is the same in the field of investment.

So for the investments for women there are a number of financial tools available, which you can take advantage of. Here listed are some rules which will be helpful for in the context:-

  • Evaluate the money you will be required at retirement– You must be pursuing a particular lifestyle as of now. When you grow old, you will still be requiring that same lifestyle. In fact, at that time there will be more liabilities and less of assets. Hence, calculate the amount of money you will be required to save for a financially secure retirement. And in accordance with this net amount, calculate the amount you will be required to save every year. This will be really helpful.
  • Be independent– why are you dependent on your spouse for your retirement? You have not foreseen future; you do not know where your life will be 10 years from now? Hence, why do you want not to pursue an investment, relying on your spouse? It is advisable to stick with a financial plan and maintain your own investment portfolio.
  • Choosing the investment plan wisely– when you are choosing some investment plan, there are some key questions you are required to consider. The most important question you should follow includes- should the investment be for safety or for your growth? Then the next question should be pertaining to the risk and return. You also need to consider the total cost which will be required for investment. You are required to understand the risk you will be able to tolerate.
  • Be knowledgeable– It is really important for you to learn about investment. Since you have decided that you are going to invest, it is of great importance that you start getting comprehensive knowledge about it. There are blogs, articles, newspapers and tabs, which will be able to direct you for the same. Hence, keep a keen watch on the news with regards to the investment and save at the same time.

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