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It is definitely not feasible to simply save money and not spend it. Shopping is an important aspect of life. There is a very simple reason which encourages you to work hard and get good income. That reason is always related to spending it on the luxuries and necessities of life. While most of the people think that spending will not lead to saving, they may be really wrong. There are some really smart ways of spending, which can help you save too. It will be worth to take a look at the comprehensive list, which will encourage you to go for it right away.

  1. New Year deals- with the New Year, there are a number of shops, malls, retail stores and online shops which offer some of the best deals post and pre New Year. You will be able to save a lot with the deals.
  2. Mobile shopping- with the many number of apps, already making their mark in the life of the smart phone users, you can also take the advantage of the exclusive discounts available for the app users.
  3. Keep a tab- You need to be really careful when you are stalking the products. There are a number of grocery products, whose price will rise after sometime or there are the products whose price is high presently but is expected to go down after some time. So, it is advisable to keep a tab and monitor your shopping.
  4. Service providers- You may be entitled to benefits you are unaware of. Hence, it is always better to ask the service provider for any discount or profitable option for paying the bill at one go. You can also take the benefit of being an old customer.
  5. Data manager- You might have signed up for a wireless plan, and there is equal chance that you have paid more than required. This implies that you may have spent on data, more than you might have needed. So it is best to take the aid of smart apps to help you manage it well.
  6. Auto insurance shopping- You can again shop for auto insurance when you are planning to renew it. This will definitely save lot of your money. However, it is advisable to compare quotes and then re shop or auto insurance.
  7. Discounted gift cards- There are availability of discounted gift cards for almost all the retail shops and branded grocery stores. It is best to utilise them to save when shopping,
  8. Social media- You can get quite good coupons when you like a retailer on Facebook or Twitter. It will be worth to utilise this advantage of social media.
  9. Track prices- If there is something which is not really essential to purchase right now, you can always track its price, so that you get the best deal for that particular product.
  10. Price match- You can also use the advantage of apps, which help you utilise the barcode to see what other retailers are offering. This will you will not have to go from shop to shop, and will be able to save easily.

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