Six ways to shield yourself from Cyber-Crime


Hacking has become common these days but there are six steps that can protect your password from           Hackers; and that way you can keep your private information to remain private.

  1. Create Strong Passwords :- Don’t keep simple passwords like ‘123456’ or ‘abc1234’ because these are quite easy to guess. Rather one should create strong one like ‘icvwbtd’ ‘I can very well beat the drum’ using first letter of the sentence.
  1. Secure your Passwords: – you should never use the same password across different websites just like you would not use the same key for your house, car and office.
  1. Recall Value :- Once you have created a strong Password for each of your online account, it can be a challenge to remember them all, so consider using a trusted password Manager that saves your passwords.
  1. Update your Recovery Options :- if you forget your Password, you need a way to get back into your account, so it is important to make sure your recovery email address is upto date and is linked to an account you can still access.
  1. Phoney Business :- You can also add a mobile phone number to your profile to receive a code to reset your password via SMS. Mobile phone is more secure identification method than your recovery email address because you have the physical possession of your mobile.
  1. Check your settings: – Social networking sites allow you to share Photos, Videos and much more. Many of these services offer privacy settings and controls that help you decide who can see your contents. Use it.

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