Star Health launches dedicated insurance for cancer patients


Cancer insurance, a new feather in the health insurance category and is among much-awaited insurance policy in India. Cancer, the word itself instill fear even in the toughest individual. Scaring, however, is not the solution if you are under its influence. And you not only need to prepare physically and mentally but also financially, in order to fight this dreaded disease.

A health insurance plan to meet the treatment cost, therefore, is a must. This is so because the cost of treating cancer is on the higher side as compared to other diseases. Depending on the stage and treatment options the current cost is anywhere between INR 2.5 lac and INR 20 lac for almost six months of treatment. Therefore, a specialized health insurance plan to meet the specific requirement of treating cancer if a very nice option.

A common misconception about cancer is that cancer develops genetically. However, recent studies have shown that 70 to 90 % of cancers cases results due to environmental factors. So its always better to have a precautionary measure even if there is a single symptom. So in order to help the cancer patient, Star Insurance had come up with a dedicated insurance plan meant for a cancer patient. The health insurance policy name is Star Cancer Care Gold plan.

Before going into details of the policy lets understand why mediclaim or other critical illness plans may not be sufficient for cancer treatment.

Why is general health insurance policy insufficient in case of cancer?

General health insurance policies cover and pay only inpatient hospitalization. However, in a cancer plan, there are a lump sum payouts depending on the stage of diagnosis. Critical illness plans may have some cancer-specific exclusions like that of a pre-malignant tumor, prostate cancer stage 1 exclusion Claus or bar for non-invasive cancer (cancer in situ) etc. Cancer insurance plans include all these alternatives, that are specific to cancer. To get specialized advice on your insurance plan you can sign up here.

Star Cancer Care Gold – at a glance

The Star Cancer Care Gold health plan was launched recently. The plan has been designed for patients who are already affected by the illness. It aims to help them treat the illness and prevent it from spreading to the next stages. Further, the health plan also covers the policyholder against the regular, non-cancer related health problems.

Star cancer insurance policy – eligibility

The below criteria should be met in order to buy a Star Cancer Care Gold policy:

  • The age of the proposer should be 18 years and above
  • Patients who already have been diagnosed with Stage 1 and Stage 2 Cancer can avail this policy
  • The minimum entry age limit is 5 months to 65 years.

Star Cancer Care Gold – what it covers?

Cancer is a very serious ailment that unfortunately strikes many people nowadays. Most health insurance plans that are available in India are not available to patients already diagnosed with cancer. This makes healthcare very difficult for them. Even if they meet with an accident and have a few fractures, they don’t have an insurance backup to take care of the expenses. Keeping these shortcomings in mind, Star Health has launched the Star Cancer Care Gold. The features of the plan are:

Sections and coverages

The plan is available in three sections. The coverages under this section include:

Section Sum Insured Sum Insured
I. (Lump sum benefit offered if there is a relapse or an advancement of cancer) Rs.1.5 lakh Rs.2.5 lakh
II. (Indemnity assurance, if there is any surgical or interventional therapy required) Rs.1 lakh Rs.1.5 lakh
III. (Indemnity assurance, for any non-surgical or non-interventional therapy) Rs.50,000 Rs.1 lakh
TOTAL Rs.3 lakh Rs.5 lakh

Coverage under sections II and III – 

  1. Room rent
  2. Nursing charges
  3. Anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, surgeon charges
  4. Pharmacy bills
  5. Ambulance charges up to Rs.1500 to take the person to the hospital and Rs.2,000 per policy term
  6. Pre-hospitalization expenses 30 days prior to hospitalization and 60 days post hospitalization expenses

Salient features of the Star Cancer Care Gold plan

  • 50% lump sum payment: If the policyholder is diagnosed with secondary cancer, a progress to a higher stage or a relapse, 50% of the sum assured is paid in lump sum.
  • High monetary benefit: The policyholder can opt for a cover from Rs.3 lakh to Rs.5 lakh under this plan. Comprehensive cover: Apart from the expenses incurred in the treatment of cancer, the policyholder also gets protection against the regular health issues. So if there is a need for hospitalization due to jaundice or typhoid, a claim can be made under this plan. The same goes for accidents and other diagnostic problems.
  • Expenses covered: The following expenses will be covered during a hospital stay:
  • Direct claim settlement: To make the process smoother, Star Health settles the claim directly, without the involvement of a Third Party Administrator (TPA).
  • Tax benefits: Like other insurance plans, here too the policyholder is eligible for an income tax rebate of up to Rs.1.5 lakh under Section 80C.

What must you keep in mind while choosing a cancer insurance plan?

The following important things you should keep in mind while choosing any such specified insurance plan like that for cancer.

  1. Check for offers benefits and quantum of payouts/benefits at all/different stages.
  2. Next check for that the plan offers any fixed sum insured throughout the term or does the sum insured increase by the certain percentage every year. If there is any increase ensure that the higher premium ensures the escalating medical costs if any.
  3. Ascertain if there is any waiver of all future premiums upon diagnosis or not. Look into in which stage the plan offers this.
  4. Lastly, assay upon diagnosis, will there be a regular income benefit as a fixed percentage of the sum insured or not.

In conclusion

The Star cancer insurance plan is indeed a wonderful plan that makes healthcare more affordable and accessible for cancer patients. It is important to nip the problem in the bud. And since there are some very effective treatment options available for early-stage cancers these days, the Star Cancer Care Gold offers a lot of hope for people who have been diagnosed already. The plan also brings healthcare to those who otherwise cannot be eligible for a regular health insurance policy. The Star Cancer Care Gold policy is a wonderful product and indeed a commendable initiative from Star Health.


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