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Women love to shop. There are plenty of things out there which invite you, to spend money and make them yours. There are apparels, footwear, accessories, purses, jewelry, make up kits and the list goes on. In fact, when it comes to shopping it may be tea mugs or lamp shades or tapestry; women love each one of them. Hence, if you as a woman are asked to save, it will become a tad bit difficult. However, this is just one face of the coin. The other face, which is far more prominent, is that there is not one like a woman, who knows how to manage the expenses. From the money she is given to utilize for household, she easily saves some bucks and keeps it for contingency or unavoidable times. But when you as a woman of the house, are saving from the money received every month or which you take out every month from your salary, why not invest them in some profitable financial tool?

There are a number of tools of investments for women, which are so fabricated that they provide with the finest of the returns. Hence, rather than keeping your money in a piggy bank or some drawer or a purse why not invest them in the best of the investment tools.

Here, are listed some of the top investments for women, which will definitely prove to be beneficial:-

  1. SIPs– Systematic Investment plan is a perfect plan if you do not have a very big salary. In this particular investment, you need to choose two or three really feasible investment plan in mutual funds. And then invest your money in these for good returns. The most beneficial aspect of the SIPs is that you are not required to time the market; hence you do not need to know the technical issues in order to get high returns.
  2. Tax savers– There are a number of tax saving options when it comes to investment. So, you can easily rely on the National Savings Certificate, Public Provident Fund, and ELSS and so on. Amongst all of these the ELSS are the finest options of all. The ELSS is associated with high returns up to 15-18% per annum. The lock in period for ELSS is also just 3 years, providing you with the good amount of return faster than other tax saving options.
  3. Life insurance– Just like your husband needs life insurance, so do you. Hence, do not take yourself for granted. Whether you are married or single, taking a life insurance plan will anyways be beneficial, if not for your spouse, it will be for your parents.
  4. Property- Considering the fact that the rates of property are going higher and higher every day, it is best to invest in this tool. You can purchase a house or any other property depending on the need. However, it is always important to take care of all the legal formalities so as to not get involved in any sort of problems later.


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