Why pre medical checkups are important?


Health has always been a very important issue. However, the forefathers of the present generation had little to deal with this issue. The reason can be attributed to the environment, eco system, pollution and impurity which have led to the many individuals becoming a victim of life time diseases. There are definitely more people than ever, who belong to the category of thyroid, diabetes, breathe, asthma and heart-related problems. These problems put a definite pressure in the pockets of the patients and their family members. There are medication, therapies, and doctor visits and so on. This is the primary reason individual are investing in the medical or health insurance policy.

The health insurance policy is offered by a number of providers, and is looked on as one of the key methods to take care of the expenses which result form medical needs.

There are also some other advantages associated with the policies, which are listed in here:-

  1. Outpatient care- there are the policies which provide you with medical needs and claims, even when you have not been admitted to the hospital, the ones which fall into the category of the outpatient care.
  2. If there has been an emergency and you do not have the money, the treatment will not stop due to the insurance cover.
  3. Complete and comprehensive care of you and the baby, after and before the baby is born.
  4. There are the health insurance policies which also take care of the prescription drugs.
  5. If you are dealing with some disorder which requires therapy like the speech therapy or occupational therapy or psychiatric rehabilitation then it is also taken care by the policy.
  6. There are the policies which also pay for your lab tests.

Hence, it is always beneficial to purchase an insurance policy which provides a health cover in accordance with the need.

Medical checkups before the policy

When you are in the way of purchasing an insurance policy, you are also required to provide the company with the pre-medical checkup along with all the requisite documents. However, this is witnessed by most of the insurance seekers as a hurdle. They feel that if they are diagnosed with a particular disease or disorder, it will provide with a rise of the premiums. This is definitely correct and appropriate. But it is also important for the policy buyer to understand that if they go for the insurance policy which does not involve the medical checkups before purchasing the policy, they can have other problems.

Most of the time, the policies which are not associated with pre-medical checkups, are already having a higher premium. Then since, there is no point of reference with regards to a disease or a disorder, it becomes really difficult for the claiming process to take place smoothly.

Hence, rather than running behind the bush, it is better to accept the ailment, provide details of the same in the insurance policy and have a safer life.


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