We are a crazy bunch of people committed to revolutionising the way people search for financial advice & advisors in India. Over the years, just like millions of people, we too realised that getting the right advice and right advisor is the biggest worry when it comes to money. Letís take the crude fact of life that Money is biggest spinner around which things revolve, so when it is about investing money or taking money or be it anything related to money, you canít simply afford to take chances at all.

We also observed that in our country today, we have online platforms to search so many service providers to the extent of even plumbers, carpenters, drivers........ & what not ? But we donít have even one single reliable & comprehensive Online Platform where you can EXCLUSIVELY find Financial Advisors. Of course you have quite a few online directories & yellow pages giving you junk of data, and they might have some financial advisors too, but that is ultimately of no use. This is primarily because when you need a service like plumbing or driving, just the name , number & identity of the person is sufficient but when it is about a Financial advisor who would deal with your hard earned money, what Worries you

  • Whether a Financial Advisor is a Enrolled ?
  • Whether the person whom you are going to talk to is certified for the financial products or not ?
  • Advisorís qualifications, experience, background.
  • About advisorís registrations, licences, affiliations
  • Advisors offices, Local presence, Customer Reviews, Feedback........... & so many other things.

And all this information is not provided to you on any Online or Offline Platform right now.

Thatís where the Idea of Money Dial was born, with a vision to simplify the process and connect millions of people in India to Financial Advisors, planners, brokers, agents & any such person or company dealing in financial products and services. Be it Investment Advisors, Financial Planners, Financial Consultants, Share Brokers, Commodities brokers , Financial Brokers, Sub Brokers, Associates of Financial Products, Distribution Agents, Postal Investment Agents, Taxation Consultants , Mutual Funds Advisors, Insurance Advisors, Chartered Accountants, Chartered Financial Planners, Income Tax Consultants, Loans provides, Credit card companies or any other person who can be of your help in making your investment & financial decisions , Money Dial intends to bring all of them on a single platform and that too with a detailed answer on all 5 worries.

If you are a Financial Services Provider across any financial products or services, come be a part of this journey. Join Us Now & get connected to millions of people searching for advisors like you.